Monroe Youth Fiddle Ensemble


Alyssa McNally

Monroe Youth Fiddle Ensemble (MYFE) is an advanced ensemble for 9th-12th grade string players who can read music and are technically proficient on their instruments. 7th-8th graders are welcome by audition or teacher recommendation. To audition, please send a 1-2 minute video of your child playing something that best represents their current ability.

Fiddlers Junior is a beginning to intermediate level ensemble for 4th-8th graders who are interested in exploring a stringed instrument through the context of fiddle music. Time will be spent on instrument basics such as posture and note-reading, while students who already play a stringed instrument will have the opportunity to play more challenging parts and solos.

Both groups will learn important fiddle skills such as learning music by ear, reading chord symbols, improvising, and performing as an ensemble. Our first concert will be held in December, where each group will have the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments in a high energy fiddle-style performance.

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